About Center for Evaluation and Educational Leadership (CEEL)

Aerial view of Fraser Hall at the University of Kansas

We believe that school systems and related educational organizations in Kansas and the mid-west region may have unmet needs for high-quality, time sensitive, culturally sensitive support services including (but not limited to) climate surveys, needs assessment, consultation on policies and programs, and evaluation of those programs.

The mission of Center for Evaluation and Educational Leadership (CEEL) is to support district and building level leaders to lead, organize, and implement the most effective and equitable learning environments for students. As each school district and community is different, so are the resources educational leaders need to ensure student and educator success.

Center for Evaluation and Educational Leadership (CEEL) is part of the Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI), one of 12 designated research institutes at the University of Kansas. AAI and its centers partner with numerous agencies to improve the lives of children and adults through academics, employment, career advancement, and the building healthy environments, as well as to enhance the capacity of organizations that help children, adults, and communities succeed.